The Skyworth W82 4K OLED TV with adjustable curvature goes official in China

31 March 2021, 09:44:49

The Skyworth W82 4K OLED TV with adjustable curvature goes official in ChinaIn addition to the 88" W92 8K OLED TV, Skyworth has also introduced the Skyworth 65W82 TV. The brand is known as being the second manufacturer in the world with the ability to make OLED modules (OBM). This new TV is based precisely on Skyworth's OBM Transform capabilities, including OBM self-made flexible screens. A number of in-house developed technologies, such as the shell structure and 1000R intelligent adjustment of bending and straightness, gave birth to the "new species" of W82, a deformed OLED TV. This means that it can adapt and adjust the curvature from 2000R to 1000R according to the best viewing distance for watching movies or gaming, so you're in the best position for an immersive audio-visual experience at all times. The TV uses a proprietary 65" 4K OLED TV with 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz Crystal Motion OLED, 1000 nits of peak brightness, 99% DCI-P3 coverage, 1-bit color, HDMI 2.1 connectivity, Skyworth's AI Quality Picture Engine, Skyworth's Acoustic Glass sound technology, MediaTek's S900 chipset, etc. The Skyworth 65W82 will go on sale on May 15, priced at CNY 29,999.

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Samsung Display will probably make a QD-OLED TV panel prototype in June

The Elec reports that according to unnamed sources Samsung Display will make a QD-OLED TV panel in June. Panel prototypes for desktop monitors are also planned. The prototypes will be sent to key Samsung Display customers and based on their feedback Samsung Display will make a market response review in September. The prototypes will be made at the company's Q1 production line dedicated to producing the QD-OLED...

1 April 2021

The Skyworth W92 8K OLED TV was presented in China

The Skyworth W92 8K OLED TV was presented in China earlier today. The Skyworth 88W92 features an 88-inch diagonal size, 8K resolution, 120Hz native refresh rate. In addition, the TV has two built-in independent MEMC chips and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The audio system adopts the world's first Skyworth Acoustic Glass sound technology, using a whole glass as the diaphragm, and 430-core electromagnetic drivers...

31 March 2021

2021 Sony A80J OLED Bravia XR TVs for the USA - specifications and features

Sony has also published the A80J OLED Bravia XR specifications for the USA. However, the prices are not available yet. The series includes the following models: Sony XR-77A80J - EUR 4,999 Sony XR-65A80J - EUR 2,799 Sony XR-55A80J - EUR 1,999 The A80J series is based on the new Cognitive Processor XR and has the same features as the European series including XR Picture, XR Triluminos Pro, XR HDR Remaster, XR OLED...

30 March 2021

JOLED starts shipment of its OLEDIO printed OLED displays

JOLED has started product shipment of its OLEDIOTM OLED displays. It is the first mass production of OLED displays by the printing method, which is different from the conventional vapor deposition method. JOLED will produce 10- to 32-inch, medium-sized high-performance and high-quality OLED displays under the OLEDIO brand, for high-end monitors, medical monitors, automotive displays, and so on. OLED displays are...

29 March 2021

Konka showcases the 88" VX55 OLED-art TV, V1 Pro OLED, A5 Plus and A5 Pro TVs, Mini LED TVs

At the AWE 2021, Konka showcases a number of interesting products. The most interesting one is the 88-inch Konka VX55 OLED-Art TV. This TV has an architectural or sculpted appearance and is almost transparent. The design is inspired by crystals and breaks the impression of TVs being big black screens. The TV features an 8K OLED panel, supports 8K decoding, HDMI 2.1 connectivity, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, far-field...

25 March 2021

2021 LG UP81 and LG UP80 4K LCD TV - specifications and features

The most basic line of 2021 LG TVs with 4K resolution comprises of several UP series. Here, the LG UP81 and LG UP80 series are discussed. The main difference between the two is the stand design. The UP81 series uses a crescent stand, while the UP80 series uses a stand with legs. The LG UP81 series includes 6 models: LG 75UP81006LA LG 70UP81006LA LG 65UP81006LA LG 55UP81006LA LG 50UP81006LA LG 43UP81006LA All models...

24 March 2021

2021 LG OLED TV lineup - initial pricing and availability for the USA

LG Electronics USA announced the initial pricing and availability of its 2021 LG OLED TV lineup. The art-inspired LG OLED evo G1 "Gallery" series, and LG OLED C1 series - celebrated as the "Best TV" at CES 2021 - are available now at and at LG-authorized retailers nationwide in April. The 12 models in the 2021 LG OLED collection offer a wider range of screen sizes to suit every size room and user need from 48...

24 March 2021

2021 LG A1 4K OLED series - specifications and features

The 2021 LG A1 4K OLED TVs are gradually appearing in stores. The series includes four models - 77", 65", 55", and 48" with three suffixes: 3LA, 9LA, 6LA. Here are the models and their specifications: LG OLED77A16LA (OLED77A19LA, OLED77A13LA) LG OLED65A16LA (OLED65A19LA, OLED65A13LA) LG OLED55A16LA (OLED55A19LA, OLED55A13LA) LG OLED48A16LA (OLED48A19LA, OLED48A13LA) The LG A1 OLED series is the most basic OLED one...

18 March 2021

2021 LG Nano81, Nano80, and Nano77 / Nano75 series for Europe - specifications, features, prices

The 2021 LG Nano81 and the LG Nano80 series are identical in terms of specifications and features. The only difference between the two is the stand. The Nano81 models have a crescent stand, while the Nano80 models use a stand with legs. This changes a bit the dimensions with stand and weight. All else is the same. The 2021 LG Nano81 series includes the following models: LG 75NANO816PA (April 2021) - EUR 2,049 LG...

14 March 2021

2021 LG Nano88 and Nano86 / Nano85 series for Europe - specifications, features, prices

LG has also unveiled the specifications and features of the 2021 LG Nano88, Nano86, Nano81, Nano80, and Nano75 series of 4K TVs. 2021 LG Nano88 series - specifications and features The 2021 LG Nano88 series includes four models: LG 75NANO886PB (April 2021) LG 65NANO886PB (April 2021) LG 55NANO886PB (April 2021) LG 50NANO886PB (April 2021) These are 4K IPS TVs (VA for the 50") with Edge LED backlight with local...

14 March 2021

2021 LG Nano91 / Nano92 4K series for Europe - specifications and features, prices

The LG Nano91 / LG Nano92 series for 2021 is represented in Europe by four models. Here they are with their prices and availability schedule, which were earlier announced by LG: LG 86NANO916PA (April 2021) - EUR 3,999 LG 75NANO916PA (April 2021) - EUR 2,499 LG 65NANO916PA (April 2021) - EUR 1,799 LG 55NANO916PA (May 2021) - EUR 1,299 LG 75NANO926PB LG 65NANO926PB LG 55NANO926PB The LG Nano91 / LG Nano92 series...

14 March 2021

Europe 2021 Sony A90J OLED Bravia XR TVs - specifications and prices

On March 1, Sony announced the prices of its 2021 BRAVIA XR MASTER Series A90J 4K HDR OLED televisions. They are available to pre-order in select countries in Europe with deliveries expected in late March and the 83" to follow later this year. A detailed description of the A90J specifications and features can be found in many articles we've written so far, including the one for the USA models. Here we will only...

9 March 2021

USA 2021 Sony A90J OLED Bravia XR TVs - specifications and prices

As of today, the 2021 Sony A90J OLED Bravia XR TVs are launched in the USA. Sony did not provide specifications and prices for the 83" model. These are available for the 65" and 55" models so far: Sony XR-83A90J - price is TBA Sony XR-65A90J specifications, model price - USD 3,999 Sony XR-55A90J specifications, model price - USD 2,999 The A90J is the flagship OLED model of the new BRAVIA XR series that uses a...

9 March 2021

Europe 2021 Samsung Q70A QLED - specifications and prices

The 2021 Samsung Q70A QLED 4K Smart TV series has been launched in Europe. Here are all four models with their respective specifications and prices: Samsung QE85Q70A - specifications, model price - EUR 3,499 Samsung QE75Q70A - specifications, model price - EUR 2,449 Samsung QE65Q70A - specifications, model price - EUR 1,599 Samsung QE55Q70A - specifications, model price - EUR 1,299 The Samsung Q70A QLED TVs have 4K...

9 March 2021


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