Sharp USA launches the world's first 4K OLED TVs with Roku TV

15 November 2023, 11:53:59

Sharp USA launches the world's first 4K OLED TVs with Roku TVSharp Home Electronics Company of America announced today the immediate availability of a new lineup of Sharp Roku TV OLED 4K UHD with HDR10 and LCD 4K UHD TVs as part of Sharp's return to the US television market. The OLED models also feature the AQUOS TV sub-branding name that is associated with cutting-edge technology and quality. The Sharp Roku TV OLED 4K Ultra HD with HDR10 TV models are the first OLED televisions in the world to feature the delightfully simple Roku experience. Available in 55" and 65" Class screen sizes - Sharp 4T-C55FS1UR and Sharp 4T-C65FS1UR, respectively, they also feature Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technologies.

Sharp's integration of the Roku TV streaming platform provides consumers with access to endless free, live, and trending TV with all the most popular apps and new features added automatically. Users are also able to control their Sharp Roku TV with the included voice remote and the Roku mobile app. Sharp Roku TV models are compatible with Apple AirPlay, Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home devices for a unified smart home environment.

The Sharp AQUOS OLED 4K UHD TVs boast:

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Sharp FQ8 and Sharp FQ5 Google TVs with Quantum Dot color and 144Hz refresh rate go official

Sharp has released two identical series of Quantum Dot smart TVs - the Sharp FQ8 and Sharp FQ5. As usual, the brand does not specify the exact differences between the corresponding models from the two series. They all run on Google TV and include 4K display panels with a native refresh rate of 120Hz and support for up to 144Hz. They are fitted with two HDMI 2.1 ports with HFR and VRR support. The displays are Dolby...

22 November 2023

Sharp unveils 4K QD-OLED and 4K OLED Aquos TVs for Japan

Sharp will release in Japan the Sharp Aquos FS1 series of 4K QD-OLED TVs and the Sharp Aquos FQ1 series of 4K OLED TVs based on Google TV. Sharp Aquos FS1 series of 4K QD-OLED TVs uses a quantum dot layer that converts the wavelength of the OLED blue light to generate the three primary colors (red, green, and blue) with high purity. In addition, by combining a newly developed heat dissipation structure that...

26 July 2023

2023 Sharp 4K Quantum Dot TVs go official, partially

Sharp has released only the 50" models from six of its new series of 4K smart TVs with Quantum Dot Technologies. Despite the different naming of the series everything that's available to the public as details and design is identical. The models are as follows: Sharp 50EP7KA - specifications Sharp 50EP7EA - specifications Sharp 50EP6KA - specifications Sharp 50EP6EA - specifications Sharp 50EP4KA - specifications...

18 June 2023

Omdia: TCL and Hisense are the top second and third TV panel purchasers following Samsung

Competition from China's top tier TV makers is on the rise as TCL and Hisense, rank second and third largest panel purchasers with a 24% market share in 1Q23 indicating the market is favoring Chinese panel makers. The information comes from the TV Display & OEM Intelligence Service by Omdia. Previously at 22% in 2022, the latest combined market share for TCL and Hisense follows a historical four-year average with a...

17 May 2023

Sharp Aquos XLED TVs make their US debut at CES 2023, will be launched this spring

Sharp will release three Aquos XLED 4K TV models in the US this spring. These are: Sharp 4T-C75EP1 Sharp 4T-C70EP1 Sharp 4T-C65EP1 As a new-generation TV that innovates video, sound quality, and design, the Aquos XLED TVs have been sold in China and Taiwan since December 2021, starting with Japan, and have been highly evaluated. The Sharp Aquos XLED series, which will be released in the US, is the latest in Japan...

6 January 2023

Sharp will participate at CES 2023 with its global flagship Aquos XLED TV

Sharp will take part in CES 2023 in early January with a number of advanced technologies and products under the four umbrellas of New Energy, Automotive, AR/VR, and TV. Sharp will exhibit its flagship Aquos XLED TV model for the global market. Visitors can experience a new generation of images with outstanding brightness and color expression created by mini LED backlighting and quantum dot technology. In addition...

27 December 2022

Sharp's new Aquos XLED EP1 series of 4K TVs are launched in Japan

Today Sharp has launched in Japan the Aquos XLED EP1 series of 4K TVs with N-Black panels with HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision certification. They employ the brand's active mini LED drive technology which divides the mini LED backlight into more than 1000 areas to finely control bright and dark areas. Thanks to this technology, these 4K XLED TVs deliver three times higher peak brightness than that of conventional Sharp...

25 October 2022

The 2022 Sharp EQ3 and EQ4 4K Quantum Dot Color series are launched in Europe

The 2022 Sharp EQ3 and EQ4 4K Quantum Dot Color series are launched in Europe. Each of the series has four models. They are identical in terms of design (Full Aluminium Slim Frameless Design), footprint, specifications, and features. The only difference between the two series is the color - the EQ3 comes in black and the EQ4 comes in silver. All models are fitted with 4K VA display panels with a Direct LED...

4 April 2022

Sharp will launch Sharp Roku TVs in the US in 2022

Sharp Home Electronics Company of America (SHCA) is proud to work with Roku to create a TV experience that lives up to its brand promise of Simply Better Living. A new lineup of Sharp Roku TV models will debut in the US in 2022. Sharp's leading technology combined with Roku TV, which was purpose-built for TV, allows for a premium home entertainment experience featuring a simple, customizable home screen, access to...

4 January 2022

The Sharp Aquos XLED 8K and 4K TVs with Mini LED go official in Japan

Sharp is launching two lines of 8K and 4K AQUOS XLED TVs with newly developed Mini LED backlights. The latter feature the newly developed "active mini LED drive" technology for dramatically improved contrast by finely controlling the light and dark of each area according to the content to be displayed. The peak brightness is about 3 times higher than that on TVs with standard backlights. In addition, the TVs feature...

26 October 2021

The Sharp 8M-B32C1 is a 31.5" IPS 8K desktop monitor for professionals

The Sharp 8M-B32C1 is a new desktop monitor created for the specific needs of professionals in the sphere of photography, video production, content editing, etc. This model offers a 31.5-inch A-si IPS display panel with an 8K resolution. Most likely, it uses Sharp's own LS315C1VX01 panel. It offers a typical brightness of 800 nits and a peak one of 1000 nits. 10-bit color is supported as well as 85% Rec.2020 color...

8 June 2021

The 2021 Sharp Aquos 4K LCD TVs go official - DN1, DN2, DL1 series

The last announcement regarding 2021 TVs from Sharp Japan is about the 2021 4K LCD TV lineup. It includes three series and a total of seven models. The Sharp Aquos DN1 4K series includes four models and the Aquos DN2 series has a single 50-inch model: Sharp 4T-C70DN1 Sharp 4T-C65DN1 Sharp 4T-C60DN1 Sharp 4T-C55DN1 Sharp 4T-C50DN2 There's a Sharp Aquos DL1 4K series with two models: Sharp 4T-C65DL1 Sharp 4T-C50DL1...

22 April 2021

Sharp Aquos DS1 and DQ1 OLED 4K TVs go official in Japan

Today, Sharp Japan also expanded its Aquos OLED TV range. This time it announces two new series - the DS1 and DQ1. Both are equipped with a high-brightness S-Bright panel for brighter and more vivid images. They also future a unique panel control technology called "Sparkling Drive Plus" that precisely controls the amount of light emitted for each pixel according to the brightness information of the image. In scenes...

22 April 2021

Sharp announces its new Aquos 8K TVs for Japan, launch is scheduled for June

Two new Sharp Aquos 8K TVs have been announced today. The Sharp 8T-C70DW1 and Sharp 8T-C60DW1 arrive with the Medalist Z2 at their core - a newly developed 8K image processing engine that maximizes the performance of high-definition 8K LCD panels. By adopting a unique algorithm "Smart Active Contrast" that precisely expresses contrast, light and dark are drawn based on brightness information for each scene, and you...

22 April 2021


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