TCL's Award-Winning 6-Series 8K TV Premieres The Explorers Premium Streaming Service

17 November 2021, 03:53:10

TCL's Award-Winning 6-Series 8K TV Premieres The Explorers Premium Streaming ServiceTCL announces that Roku has added 8K premium content to their entertainment offering - The Explorers 8K Channel. The Explorers is a global initiative creating the first inventory in images of the natural, cultural and human heritage of Earth in Ultra High Definition at up to 8K resolution. From the Arctic glaciers to French Polynesia warm waters, the newly available Explorers 8K platform features hundreds of videos, with new content posted daily, and compliments the YouTube channel that offers a plethora of razor-sharp 8K resolution videos to 6-Series 8K TCL Roku TV owners.

The power of 8K resolution is undeniable. The quickly-growing availability of content in 8K from a range of creators is being driven by the wide availability of cameras and editing software that support 8K resolution, as well as demand created by owners of powerful 8K TVs like the 6-Series 8K TCL Roku TV. For the first time, an 8K TCL Roku TV model with over 33 million pixels for increased image clarity joined TCL's critically-acclaimed 6-Series line. The 2021 6-Series 8K TCL Roku TV brings four times the resolution and detail available, compared to standard 4K content, for the sharpest possible quality to deliver deep immersion with the latest big-screen 8K resolution display.

"Launching TCL's first 8K resolution TVs in North America this year in partnership with Roku was very significant. We're making 8K more accessible with our premium televisions, and we are also making bold moves with Roku to ensure there is 8K resolution content out there for our users to enjoy. And with the growing availability of 8K content such as The Explorers, TCL's deep vertical integration of TV panel production allows the easily-accessible 6-Series 8K TV to deliver powerfully sharp picture performance with impressive immersion," said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL. "As consumers continue to adopt larger screens for their homes, the need for greater screen resolution becomes more apparent. So TCL will continue to innovate, work closely with the 8K Association, and serve entertainment enthusiasts advanced technology as we enter this next stage of 8K discovery, with new game consoles and streaming services rolling out."

The availability of 8K resolution video is accelerating. Content distributed at 8K resolution is not as widely available as content in 4K resolution, but this is set to change. Although there is an increasing amount of content available in 8K resolution today, as the availability of 8K resolution cameras becomes ubiquitous, the rising number of 8K display owners will demand the best quality 8K resolution for superior video content. Just as 4K resolution content and displays have proliferated over the years, all TVs 65 inches and larger are expected to feature 8K resolution within the coming years, so premium 8K content like The Explorers will become much more widely available.

"The quality of our Earth Inventory in 8K HDR allows us to transport the audience to the very heart of the subject. We are excited to know that the transformative beauty of The Explorers Earth Inventory will now be available at the maximum resolution and quality in homes through the TCL 6-Series 8K Roku TV," said Olivier Chiabodo, Chief Executive Officer, The Explorers. "A company like TCL bringing televisions with 8K resolution to the market at a compelling value is transformative – it means a bigger audience could have access to our growing 8K content library. I believe the decision to partner with an accomplished leader in TV display technology and enabling those viewers to experience the visual majesty of our beautiful planet captured by The Explorers will be very rewarding."

"8K HDR enhances images with stunning sharpness and depth of field," said Gregory Martoglio, world-renowned nature cinematographer and frequent contributor to The Explorers. "The powerful images of the natural world that we've preserved in 8K video look spectacular on The Explorers Channel through the TCL 6-Series 8K TV."

Available in 65" (65R648) and 75" (75R648), the 6-Series 8K TCL Roku TV launched earlier this year and received several prestigious product review awards, including Editor's Choice in both Digital Trends and TechHive. Sitting at the intersection of powerful picture performance and infinite entertainment, TCL is empowering viewers to enjoy even more cinematic content whether it's native 8K from streaming services like The Explorers or if its 4K content that's intelligently upscaled with TCL's powerful AiPQ Engine technology. With support for the latest HDMI standards and being the world's first 8K TV with THX Certified Game Mode, TCL's 2021 6-Series models will be ready for the next stage of the 8K content evolution as new devices come to market that are ready to deliver 8K movies, games and more.

The latest 6-Series Roku TV models transform the viewing experience with thousands of micro-meter class mini-LED backlights for uncompromised contrast and brilliantly smooth illumination. This TCL-pioneered mini-LED backlight technology powers up to 240 Contrast Control Zones for brilliantly bright and deeply dark areas of the image, delivering unparalleled depth and dimension. TCL's Contrast Control Zones technology optimizes the image across individual zones to yield striking contrast between light and dark areas. Combining stunning 8K HDR and mini-LED technology in a bold, brushed metal design for a superior TV experience, the 6-Series also houses Quantum Dot technology and the HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision for greater brightness and contrast among a full palette of rich colors.

After securing major awards in 2019, The Explorers collaborative app is currently available in 170 countries and 17 languages. Over 10 million devices have downloaded the app around the world to watch The Explorers' images in the highest 8K HDR standards. The Explorers teams fulfill an educational goal through their encounters and expeditions - to know better to protect better.

The Explorers 8K premium subscription service – normally priced at $2.99/month, with 10% of revenues donated to The Explorers Foundation to protect biodiversity – is available through an exclusive limited-time offer to owners of 8K Roku TV models at no cost for the first three months. Please visit to sign up and learn more.

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