Panasonic W95A Mini LED and Panasonic W90A Full Array LED TVs debut today with Fire TV built-in

14 May 2024, 21:19:38

Panasonic W95A Mini LED and Panasonic W90A Full Array LED TVs debut today with Fire TV built-inPanasonic W95A with Mini LED and Panasonic W90A with Full Array LED also debuted today, featuring the new AI-enabled HCX Pro AI Processor MK II and Fire TV built-in. These series include the following models that will be available from select retailers later this year.

Panasonic W95A Mini LED TVs

Panasonic W90A Full Array LED TVs

The W95A and W90A are Panasonic’s first LED TVs to deliver a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) up to 144Hz. Powered by HCX Pro AI Processor MK II, whether gaming through console or PC both can be synced seamlessly to show the same frame rate for the quickest response rates and smooth high-resolution gameplay. True Game Mode reproduces games as intended by their creators, bringing movie industry standard color accuracy into the world of gaming.

Full customization is also possible with Enhanced Game Mode Extreme, via an HDMI connection an upgraded intuitive Game Control Board gives easy access to the likes of viewing and sound modes, brightness, and the ability to adjust input lag and VRR. he W95A and W90A are also AMD FreeSync Premium certified televisions

These new models also feature Fire TV Ambient Experience, which turns the biggest screen in your home into a beautiful, always-smart display. This transforms the TV into an in-home gallery, display for personal photos, and can show glanceable information like calendars and reminders through customizable Alexa widgets. The W95A and W90A also come with the Voice Remote with Alexa, which makes it easy to launch apps, play music, search for titles, control your smart home and more, using your voice.

The latest Mini LED panel technology featured in the W95A brings enhanced backlight control with Local Dimming Ultra for the tightest reproduction of image brightness and darkness. This Panasonic engineering minimises the “halo effect” found on many LCD TVs, and a Quantum Dot Sheet brings further superior colour reproduction and contrast enhancements. As for the W90A, Full Array LED delivers peak performance and exceptional value with Local Dimming Supreme that brings accurate colour and picture detail and quality.

These high-quality LED TV panels, when combined with by HCX Pro AI Processor MK II and FILMMAKER MODE with Intelligent Sensing, ensure you enjoy your favourite content just as the creators intended. In addition, the W95A also has Dynamic Theatre Surround Sound built-in, with an additional subwoofer that drives bass and elevates entertainment to new levels.

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