Sharp announces its new Aquos 8K TVs for Japan, launch is scheduled for June

22 April 2021, 01:54:34

Sharp announces its new Aquos 8K TVs for Japan, launch is scheduled for JuneTwo new Sharp Aquos 8K TVs have been announced today. The Sharp 8T-C70DW1 and Sharp 8T-C60DW1 arrive with the Medalist Z2 at their core - a newly developed 8K image processing engine that maximizes the performance of high-definition 8K LCD panels. By adopting a unique algorithm "Smart Active Contrast" that precisely expresses contrast, light and dark are drawn based on brightness information for each scene, and you can enjoy sharper and clearer 8K images. With super-resolution technology, it is able to upscale to 8K content coming from terrestrial digital broadcasting, 4K broadcasting, and internet. The 3D noise reduction technology analyzes the noise components of the video signal and performs dynamic noise reduction processing according to the characteristics of the image. Further, with Mega Contrast the video signal is automatically analyzed, and the bright components of the image such as light sources and reflections are detected. The Direct LED backlight is locally controlled as to provide a more realistic and vivid image. The TVs also support YouTube 8K videos and have a new hands-free voice operation. The 8K SHarp Aquos TVs from the DW1 series are equipped with the low-reflection N-Black panel that can express glossy black while suppressing reflections such as lighting. They also support Dolby Vision, HDD10, HLG.

The Sharp 8T-C70DW1 and Sharp 8T-C60DW1 feature a Wide-Area Sound System equipped with a unique inclined structure of speakers and a subwoofer. By placing the midrange and tweeter units in a unique tilting structure, the sound field playback area in the front and vertical directions of the screen is expanded. In addition, it is equipped with a large-capacity subwoofer to deliver a powerful sound with a sense of realism. The Music Live sound mode makes the sound of vocals and musical instruments stand out, creating a three-dimensional effect that is wrapped in sound. The Eilex Prism acoustic correction technology captures and corrects changes in the acoustic power of the entire space. The speaker array comprises of two 10 tweeters, two 10W midrange speakers, and a 15W subwoofer with a total power output of 55W.

The Sharp 8T-C70DW1 and Sharp 8T-C60DW1 are equipped with two HDMI 2.0 and two HDMI 2.1 inputs, AV composite in a 3.5 mm jack, digital audio output, headphone jack, three USB ports, LAN port, antenna/cable inputs.

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