[UPDATED] LG QNED80T / LG NANO81T / LG NANO82T series of 4K LCD TVs pricing and availability in Europe

14 March 2024, 10:25:34

[UPDATED] LG QNED80T / LG NANO81T / LG NANO82T series of 4K LCD TVs pricing and availability in EuropeThe LG NanoCell series of 4K LCD TVs for 2024 is rounded off with the LG QNED80T, NANO81T, and NANO82T series. The 80T does have Quantum Dot Color technology+NanoCell technology, while the 81T and 82T series have NanoCell techn only. These two are simply variants of the same models that have minor differences such as bezel and/or stand color, etc. LG did not reveal specifics other than the α5 Gen7 AI Processor 4K that will power those 2024 TVs. It optimizes the image and sound to best fit your habits and the room the TV's in. For example, the intelligent sound system detects what your space is like and where you are in it. It creates a kind of sound dome around you that is perfectly tuned to the unique acoustics of your room. Whether it's day or night, the brightness control detects the lighting conditions in your room and balances the image accordingly. It ensures razor-sharp and clear images. The LG QNED80T, NANO81T, and NANO82T TVs will most probably use a mix of VA and IPS panels with 4K resolution, HDR10 Pro, HLG, and Filmmaker Mode support. AI Sound Pro and Dolby Atmos are also on board. They feature a Super-Slim Design which allows them to sit flush with the wall and blend better with your surroundings. LG did provide the pricing and availability for Europe. The QNED80T's availability is yet unknown. The NANO82T and NANO81T will go on sale in May. Here are the exact model names and prices, specifications will follow: [UPDATE] Model names of the 81T and 82T corrected with the NANO suffix.

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LG Display announced today that the first-ever 31.5-inch Gaming OLED panel with a switchable refresh rate and resolution has entered mass production of the panel this month, accelerating its push into the high-end gaming display market with new concept products. This groundbreaking Gaming OLED panel allows users to choose between a high refresh rate (FHD @ 480Hz) and a high-resolution mode (UHD @ 240Hz) depending on...

23 April 2024

LG UT81, LG UT80, and LG UT73 4K LCD TVs prices and availability in Europe

The most basic 4K LCD TVs by LG for 2024 belong to the LG UT81, LG UT80, and LG UT73 series. They will go on sale in April. Only the availability of the largest model - the LG 86UT81006LA - remains unknown. So here are the prices and model names of the three series. When we get the full specifications, they will also be shared: LG 86UT81006LA - EUR 2299 LG 75UT80006LA - EUR 1549 LG 65UT80006LA - EUR 1049 LG...

14 March 2024

LG QNED89T / QNED87T / QNED86T / QNED85T pricing and availability in Europe is announced

The next in line 2024 LG QNED TVs belong to the QNED85T series and in Europe, it has name variants such as QNED86T and QNED87T. There's a 98" model belonging to this series but it has a QNED89T suffix. LG QNED89T 4K TV price, available in May LG 98QNED89T6A - specifications; EUR 7499 LG NANO87T 4K TVs price, available in April LG 75QNED87T6B - specifications; EUR 2299 LG 65QNED87T6B - specifications; EUR 1599 LG...

13 March 2024

LG QNED99T 8K Mini LED TVs prices and availability for Europe

LG unveiled its top-of-the-line Mini LED TVs for 2024 - the LG QNED99T - at CES 2024. The brand is ready with its market launch announcing the pricing and availability of the series. The latter comprises two models priced as follows: LG 86QNED99T9B - EUR 7999 LG 75QNED99T9B - EUR 5499 Each model of the series will most likely use an IPS display panel with an 8K resolution, QuantumDot NanoCell technology and Mini LED...

13 March 2024

LG QNED91T 4K Mini LED TVs specifications, prices and availability for Europe

LG has also unveiled the pricing and availability of its 2024 QNED TVs for Europe. At the top of the 4K Mini LED TV range is the LG QNED91T series comprising three models. Below we list the corresponding model names with their specifications and prices: LG 86QNED91T6A - specifications; EUR 4299 LG 75QNED91T6A - specifications; EUR 3099 LG 65QNED91T6A - specifications; EUR 2299 And here's the information we provided...

13 March 2024

LG M4 OLED TVs prices and availability in Europe

LG has unveiled the pricing and availability in Europe of its entire OLED TV lineup, which comprises four series - the GL G4, LG C4, LG B4, and the LG M4. While the specs of the first three are already available, the M4 models are still under wraps. LG has scheduled their market launch for the second half of the year and the process of the four models are as follows: LG OLED97M49LA - EUR 34699 LG OLED83M49LA - EUR...

13 March 2024

LG C4 OLED evo TVs specifications, prices, and availability for Europe

The LG C4 OLED evo TVs for Europe are available with various model names - as usual, the differences is mainly in the suffix. For example, the 9LA suffix comprises models from 83" to 48". The 8LA suffix models comprise a series from 77" to 42". There's a 7LA suffix as well which comprises the full-size map - from 83" to 42". The 83", 65", and 55" 9LA models are EUR 100 more expensive than their counterparts from the...

13 March 2024

2024 LG B4 OLED TVs specifications, prices, and availability for Europe

The LG B4 series of OLED TVs comprises four models for this year. We have already covered in detail the main LG B4 specifications in the dedicated news when the series appeared for pre-sale for the first time. In Europe, these TVs will go on sale in May. So far, LG has provided the pricing for the first three models and the smallest one is still under question for European launch. This may as well happen at a later...

13 March 2024

2024 LG G4 OLED evo MLA+ TVs specifications, prices, and availability for Europe

LG has unveiled the official pricing of all 2024 LG OLED TVs for the European market. In this publication, we will discuss the LG G4 series pricing and availability. The specifications are already known from our news on the launch and prices of the LG G4 in the U.S.. In Europe, the TVs are the same with different types of tuners and sat + antenna RF connectors as well as a CI+ slot. The 65" and 55" models have two...

13 March 2024

LG B4 OLED TVs specifications and features

The 2024 LG B4 series of OLED TVs features LG's flagship OLED technology with over 8 million self-lit pixels enabling 100% Color Volume and with 100% Color Fidelity. For this model year, the series is increased to include four sizes - 77", 65", 55", and 48". They are listed below for two markets - the U.S. and the European one. LG B4 OLED TVs for the U.S. LG OLED77B4PUA - specifications LG OLED65B4PUA...

7 March 2024

LG 27GS60F and LG 24GS60F are two new 180Hz FHD IPS UltraGear gaming monitors

LG has launched a pair of two new UltraGear gaming monitors - the 23.8" LG 24GS60F and the 27" LG 27GS60F. Except for the difference in diagonal size and physical dimensions, the two monitors are identical. Each has an IPS display panel with an FHD resolution and a 180Hz refresh rate. They also support 1 ms GTG response time with the monitor's settings fixed at Faster. The ergonomy of each is limited to tilt...

6 March 2024

LG 32GS95UE 4K UltraGear OLED gaming monitor with Pixel Sound and Dual Mode refresh rate goes on sale

LG 32GS95UE is now launched in the U.S. priced at USD 1400. This is the world's first monitor to offer both a high-refresh-rate mode - 480 Hz at FHD, and a high-resolution mode - 240 Hz at 4K, in a single product. By pressing the dedicated button at the bottom of the monitor, you can easily change the mode. In the high-refresh-rate mode, you can enjoy first-person shooters (FPS) where fast screen transitions are...

1 March 2024

LG 34GS95QE joins the 39GS95QE and 45GS95QE in their U.S. market launch

LG 34GS95QE is the third UltraGear OLED gaming monitor by LG to go on sale in the U.S. today after being introduced at CES 2024 in early January. It costs USD 1400 and resembles its bigger siblings in so many ways that it can be viewed as a smaller version of the 45GS95QE and the 39GS95QE. Again, we're looking at an 800R curved OLED display with an ultra-wide QHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 px, 10-bit color bit depth...

1 March 2024

LG 39GS95QE UltraGear curved OLED gaming monitor goes on sale in the U.S.

LG 39GS95QE was part of a series of UltraGear OLED gaming monitors by LG revealed at CES 2024. It looks like LG is ready for their market launch as it has listed them for sale in the U.S. The 39GS95QE in particular is priced at USD 1500. In a similar fashion to its bigger sibling - the 45GS95QE, the LG 39GS95QE arrives with an 800R OLED display panel with an ultra-wide QHD resolution (3440 x 1440 px). The obvious...

1 March 2024


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