2024 Samsung The Frame earns Pantone Validated ArtfulColor certification

16 January 2024, 10:41:49

2024 Samsung The Frame earns Pantone Validated ArtfulColor certificationSamsung Electronics today announced that its 2024 edition of The Frame has earned Pantone Validated ArtfulColor certification from Pantone,1 a globally renowned authority in color standards. This certification highlights The Frame's advanced adaptive color technology, which ensures an exceptional color reproduction capability that meets Pantone’s rigorous standards for authentic color that is nearly indistinguishable to the human eye under standard lighting conditions.

Pantone Validated ArtfulColor evaluates if displays can faithfully simulate a range of physical Pantone Color cards and Pantone SkinTone color cards under CIE2 standard illuminant D65, which portrays illumination that is more-or-less equivalent to that of the average midday light in Western or Northern Europe. The Frame is the world’s first display in the industry to meet this stringent validation, reaffirming Samsung’s leadership in color fidelity that was first recognized by previous Pantone Validated status across all QLED TVs in 2022.

Leveraging Samsung's cutting-edge QLED display technology, The Frame has previously received Pantone Validated and SkinTone Validated approvals for its precise emissive rendering of the full gamut of Pantone SkinTone colors and the vast spectrum of all 2,390 colors contained within the Pantone Matching System (PMS). The Frame also comes with a Matte Display — which significantly reduces glare and reflections — bringing the extensive collection of approximately 2,300 artworks from the Samsung Art Store to life.

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8 January 2024

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8 January 2024

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8 January 2024

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8 January 2024

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Samsung G80SD Odyssey OLED monitor will be showcased at CES 2024

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26 December 2023

Samsung S95D QD-OLED TVs are NRRA certified

After the Samsung S90D QD-OLED TVs received its NRRA certification, so did the Samsung S95D QD-OLED series. Just like this year's S95C series (pictured above) has three models, we expect the S95D to have three models as well. In the USA: Samsung QN77S95D Samsung QN65S95D Samsung QN55S90D In Europe (general): Samsung QE77S95D Samsung QE65S95D Samsung QE55S95D In France and other select EU markets Samsung ТQ77S95D...

26 December 2023

Samsung Q70D / Q75D 4K QLED Smart TVs are NRRA certified

Yet another series of Samsung TVs got NRRA certified a few days ago - the Samsung Q70D 4K QLED one. The 2023 Samsung Q70C series (pictured above) comprises four models with 4K 120Hz VA panels and an Edge LED backlight with Dual LED technology. We expect the same will transfer to the 2024 Samsung Q70D series. Following are the model names for specific markets: In the USA: Samsung QN85Q70D Samsung QN75Q70D Samsung...

26 December 2023

Samsung QN95D Neo QLED 4K Smart TVs bag NRRA certification

Most of Samsung's TVs NRRA certifications happened within a couple of days, so bear with us while we make these brief introductions through the model naming of each series and make a slight retrospect on previously available specs and features of their predecessors. This text is about the top Samsung 4K Neo QLED series of TVs - the QN95D. Following the pattern of its predecessors, including the QN95C pictured above...

26 December 2023

Samsung QN85D 4K Neo LED TVs receive NRRA certification

After receiving their UL certification, the TVs from the 2024 Samsung QN85D 4K Neo QLED TVs have received their NRRA certification as well. Most likely, these TVs will use IPS/VA display panels with Mini LED backlights with the type of panel being dependent on the market just like the QN85C series did (illustrated above). For 2024, the Samsung QN85D series will include four models: In the USA: Samsung QN85QN85D...

26 December 2023


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