TCL CSOT manufactures the display panel of the 98" Samsung QN990C 8K Neo QLED TV

27 July 2023, 10:24:05

TCL CSOT manufactures the display panel of the 98" Samsung QN990C 8K Neo QLED TVTCL Has announced that its display panel manufacturing company - CSOT - supplies Samsung with VA panels for its 98" QNC990 8K TV. In South Korea, the model is named Samsung KQ98QNC990. It is not available yet in the U.S. and Europe but we suppose that the model will be named Samsung QN98QN990C in the U.S. and in Europe there are several names, depending on the market: Samsung QE98QN990C, Samsung TQ98QN990C, and Samsung GQ98QN990C. We suppose that in these markets the series will retain the QN900C moniker, while in South Korea it is launched as a QNC990 model.

TCL CSOT's advanced technology plays a critical role in ensuring the outstanding performance of the Samsung QNC990 98-inch TV. Thanks to TCL CSOT's self-developed HVA technology, the TV is equipped with exceptional picture quality while maintaining the powerful qualities and capabilities of VA technology. Moreover, Samsung's Quantum Dot Mini LED technology utilizes tiny and closely packed internal light sources to ensure precise light control and accurate image reproduction. With Samsung's individual picture quality control technology, the product features high-quality contrast, colorful details and ultra-high resolution displays that are near-indistinguishable from actual reality to the human eye. The 98-inch QNC990 TV comes with an optimal 8-domain multiplex design that provides excellent viewing angles and an immersive viewing experience.

In addition to delivering high picture quality and performance, TCL CSOT prioritizes a user-centered product design philosophy that promotes an immersive visual experience while protecting users' eye health. Traditional TV screens often cause eye fatigue due to screen reflections. Guided by its commitment to building a sustainable, healthy, and connected future for all, TCL CSOT enables eye protection and eye health through the use of the world's leading low reflection and soft light screen technology, which treats the display screen surface to achieve an extremely low level of reflectance, thereby enhancing image details while reducing the negative impact of ambient light reflection on the human eye.

With the screen being a crucial component of any TV, the 98-inch QNC990 TV has demonstrated TCL CSOT's advanced technologies and innovation in 8K technology and expanded the company's product range in the 98-inch segment from 4K to 8K. Moving forward, TCL CSOT will continue to deep dive into user needs, focus on self-innovation, enhance production capabilities, and collaborate with customers and partners to build an optimal ecosystem for large-sized display panels, bringing users worldwide into a more expansive and futuristic world of visual experiences.

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