Asus announces availability of the ProArt PA32UCG for the end of June 2021

11 June 2021, 06:16:41

Asus announces availability of the ProArt PA32UCG for the end of June 2021In 2019, Asus announced the world's first 4K HDR monitor with a peak brightness of 1600 nits and a variable refresh rate of 120 Hz - the Asus ProArt PA32UCG. In April this year, Asus unveiled the Asus ProArt PA32UCG-K. The difference between the two is that the new model arrives with an X-rite i1 Display Pro Calibrator in the box.

Today, Asus announced availability of both editions for the end of June 2021. This monitor is targeted at game developers, cinematographers, colorists and other professionals. It features a 31.9-inch 4K IPS display with a Mini LED backlight with 1152 local dimming zones. Further, the ASUS Off-Axis Contrast Optimization (OCO) technology solves this problem with a compensation layer that controls light transmittance around the edges, reducing halo effects by 80% and providing a 7X contrast-ratio enhancement for dark parts of the image when viewing the screen from an angle. The model achieves a peak brightness of 1600 nits and 1000 nits of full-screen sustained brightness. It is also VESA DisplayHDR 1400, DolbyVision, HDR10, and HLG certified. The monitor supports multiple HDR-10 curves, including PQ Hard Clip, PQ Optimized and PQ Basic, which can cover all content creation needs. HDR Preview enables a direct camera-to-monitor connection to view captured HDR content with its full tonal range. It also works within most video editing software platforms, providing accurate simulations of the final output for an easier, more streamlined editing experience. Finally, Quantum Dot Technology delivers 98% DCI-P3, 99.5% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec. 709, and 85% Rec. 2020 color spaces for video editing and post-production.

ASUS ProArt Calibration technology saves all color parameter profiles on the ProArt monitor’s internal scaler IC chip, instead of on the PC. The saved profiles can be easily activated via the hotkey on the monitor. The monitor can be calibrated and the look-up table subsequently rewritten, allowing users to connect it to devices with different operating systems or applications without needing to adjust settings. Signal distortion between the IC and the LCD optical spectrum is also reduced. Integrated ASUS ProArt Calibration 2.0 enables swift and easy adjustments to maintain the color accuracy of ASUS ProArt monitors. It offers SDR and HDR calibration with adjustable brightness, color gamut, color temperature and other parameters to ensure consistent and precise colors. ProArt displays are compatible with most major calibrators, including those from X-Rite, Datacolor and Klein. They also work seamlessly with Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS professional hardware calibration software for fast, easy calibration.

The Asus ProArt PA32UCG offers up to a 120 Hz variable refresh rate (VRR) with FreeSync Premium Pro. HDMI 2.1 with 4K 120 Hz support also makes it ideal for video editors, enabling them to work with high-quality, detailed visuals at super-smooth frame rates. The monitor has one HDMI 2.1 port, two HDMI 2.0 inputs, DisplayPort 1.4, Thunderbolt 3 in, Thunderbolt 3 out, three USB Type-A 3.1 ports. The stand offers tilt, swivel, height, and pivot adjustment.

Asus ProArt has set itself the goal of providing the most advanced technologies to stimulate the imagination of professional creators everywhere. ASUS will host a series of ProArt Masters' Talks events on June 10, June 30 and July 13, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. (GMT). These events are designed to give content creators the opportunity to learn from industry professionals. For these upcoming events, ASUS has invited a tech reviewer, an experienced colorist, and a film and advertising director to share their experiences with the ProArt PA32UCG. Participants in each session can take a quiz and win prizes, including a ProArt Display PA279CV or a ProArt B550 Creator motherboard.

The Asus ProArt PA32UCG is expected to be available at the end of June 2021 at a recommended retail price of EUR 5,549.90

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