LG Display and LG Chem self-develop key p-Dopant component for OLED displays

11 October 2023, 03:21:40

LG Display and LG Chem self-develop key p-Dopant component for OLED displaysLG Display working with fellow Korean company LG Chem succeeded in self-developing revolutionary p-Dopant which was previously dependent on overseas suppliers. "Dopant" refers to an organic compound that can be added in small quantities to the hole injection layer of OLED. This material plays a crucial role in tandem devices' charge generation layers because it not only increases the efficiency and lifespan of the device but also reduces power consumption by improving the operating voltage. Among these compounds, "p-Dopant" is essential in heightening OLED illumination through its minimal energy consumption and ability to extend the device’s lifespan.

Typically used in its powder form, p-Dopant is considered a core material in OLED production. However, since it can be degraded by air, it's gained a reputation as one of the most challenging materials to deal with in the industry. The industry has often referred to p-Dopant as "more precious than gold" due to its high price resulting from the challenging production process required to maintain high quality.

For these reasons, p-Dopant had been largely dependent on overseas suppliers. However, thanks to collaborative R&D efforts for approximately 10 years, LG Display and LG Chem have done the unthinkable – inventing a high-quality p-Dopant using proprietary technology that rivals the efficiency and performance of its imported counterparts. This is the result of realizing maximum synergy between LG Display, which is responsible for material design and performance verification, and LG Chem, which handles material synthesis and production. LG Display will incorporate this game-changing material into its large-sized, small, and mid-sized OLED panels.

The creation of this self-developed p-Dopant material ticks off another milestone for the world's leading display innovator. This accomplishment not only bolsters LG Display's supply chain but also solidifies its ownership of the pivotal patents that will act as new driving forces to strengthen its OLED leadership. Moreover, the self-development of p-Dopant carries profound implications for the entire OLED industry, helping establish a robust domestic ecosystem for materials, components, and equipment while reinforcing the sector's independence and sustainability. LG Display is committed to seamlessly integrating its very own p-Dopant into its wide OLED lineup.

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