Sony Bravia 7 Mini LED QLED Google TV series is unveiled, specifications and prices

17 April 2024, 22:48:56

Sony Bravia 7 Mini LED QLED Google TV series is unveiled, specifications and pricesEngineered for bright cutting-edge pictures and cinematic sound, the Sony Bravia 7 Mini LED QLED TVs promise superior moments for your family and friends. The series includes the following models:

Sony Bravia 7 Mini LED QLED TVs in the USA and Canada

Sony Bravia 7 Mini LED QLED TVs in Europe and the UK

With extreme brightness and astonishing contrast, these TVs deliver truly exhilarating pictures that are sure to entertain and delight all. Similar to the backlight control core technology in Sony's master monitors (professional monitors), XR Backlight Master Drive with a unique local dimming algorithm controls thousands of LEDs accurately for a truly impressive contrast. XR Triluminos Pro reproduces over a billion of them with the subtle differences from saturation and hue that enables natural shades in every detail. XR Clear Image uses a custom database to intelligently convert your favourites to near 4K. Noise is minimised by XR Clear Image through zone division and dynamic frame analysis. XR Motion Clarity analyses movement across several frames and precisely synchronizes the backlight with on-screen motion so you see clear, bright images, however fast the action. The XR Processor features a scene recognition system that detects and analyses data with flawless accuracy, then optimises the picture for ultimate realism.

With two powerful side-mounted speakers reproducing clear sound from the screen of the Bravia 7 TVs, your family and friends will feel like they’re at the cinema. With Acoustic Multi-Audio, what you see and what you hear are perfectly matched. The new Voice Zoom 3 recognises human dialogue through AI machine learning and amplifies or reduces its volume so even small dialogue sounds loud and clear. Works with our home theatre products too. 3D Surround Upscaling creates virtual surround from above and the sides using just the TV speakers. Even 2ch and 5.1ch audio is upscaled to immersive 5.1.2ch sound. What's more, Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X support provides unforgettable spatial sound.

The Sony Bravia 7 Mini LED TVs also employ Sony's One Slate concept that fuses screen and bezel into a single slate, minimising distractions and maximising your experience. It includes the Underlay Stand - a thin, flat steel plate. Stack a Sony soundbar on top and it virtually disappears. A 4-way stand gives you the choice of an outside position, an inside position for smaller shelves or two soundbar positions to meet your viewing preference.

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