Samsung Display’s QD-OLED takes home SID's Display of the Year award

17 May 2023, 15:53:23

Samsung Display’s QD-OLED takes home SID's Display of the Year awardSamsung Display announced today that its QD-OLED has won the "Display of the Year" award by the prestigious Society for Information Display (SID). Samsung Display's QD-OLED, the industry’s first self-emissive display embedded with quantum dots, is considered the next generation of display technology for its ability to vividly represent the purest color spectrum found in nature among currently available displays and provide a clear view from any angle. SID, the world's largest display society, has granted Display Industry Awards (DIA) to products that have advanced display technology annually since 1995. The Display of the Year honor goes to the most innovative display product from the past year.

"QD-OLED enabled accurate, consistent, true-to-life color perfection by introducing quantum dots, which are advanced nanoscale materials that emit precise wavelengths of light, to a blue self-emitting pixel structure and an oxide thin-film transistor," according to SID, adding, "QD-OLED is a combination of best material science, color cognitive science and physics to deliver remarkable color, stunning detail and an immersive viewing experience."

QD-OLED is Samsung Display's next-generation large-format technology, which began mass-production in 2021 and made its market debut in 2022. It delivers industry-leading performance in color expression, color gamut, contrast ratio and viewing angles, which are the key criteria for evaluating a display’s picture quality. In particular, QD-OLED's 90% coverage of the BT2020, which is being recognized as the new color standard, is said to have the purest color spectrum in any commercially available display.

Meanwhile, QD-OLED is being lauded for its excellence by the market since its launch, winning the CES Innovation Award back-to-back in 2022 and 2023. It won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at SID Display Week 2022. The new 2023 QD-OLED has made significant technological advancements, such as improving color brightness by more than 30% with the application of HyperEfficient EL material to enhance color intensity and picture quality while lowering power consumption to increase panel efficiency.

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USA Samsung Q80C 4K QLED TVs specifications and prices

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20 March 2023


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