2023 Hisense U7K 4K Mini LED TVs specifications and features for USA

15 May 2023, 11:45:40

2023 Hisense U7K 4K Mini LED TVs specifications and features for USAHisense USA has unveiled one of its 2023 4K Mini LED series of TVs for the local market - the Hisense U7K. In order to avoid confusion with the models in Europe, we will name USA-bound models from this series with one of its aliases - U75K. So, even though Hisense USA uses a promo material depicting an 85" model, so far there's no indication such a model will be launched soon. The company lists the 75", 65", and the 55" models only: The Hisense U7K series includes 4K TVs that combine Mini LED backlights and Quantum Dot technology with Hisense's ULED technology. The 65" and 55" models have VA panels with 500 nits of typical brightness and 900-1000 nits of peak one, 5000:1 static contrast ratio. The Hisense 65U7K has 384 local dimming zones, while the Hisense 55U7K has 240 local dimming zones. The TVs are CalMAN Ready, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, and HLG certified with IMAX Enhanced and Filmmaker Mode. The U7K TVs arrive with Hisense's Hi-View Engine (4K) based on a MediaTek MediaTek MT9618 chipset.

The Hisense U7K series also caters to gamers. The TVs support up to a 144Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification, Game Mode Pro, Gaming Bar, and Eyesafe Certification. Console support is included. Each TV from the series is equipped with two HDMI 2.1 ports with ALLM, eARC, HFR, and VRR support, two HDMI 2.0 ports, an AV Composite in a 3.5 mm jack, optical audio out, a headphone jack, a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 port, a LAN port, and a cable/antenna input. The audio department features a 2.1CH 40W system with two speakers and a subwoofer. It is Dolby Atmos-certified and in the USA, it is WiSA-ready.

There are two major differences between the Hisense U7K series in the USA and the U7K series in Europe:

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Omdia: TCL and Hisense are the top second and third TV panel purchasers following Samsung

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The last series from Hisense's 2023 TV lineup for Europe has been unveiled - the Hisense E7K (E7KQ). It differs from the E7K Pro series in several ways. The first is the number of models with the E7K/E7KQ offering a total of five, instead of three: Hisense 75E7K (75E7KQ) Hisense 65E7K (65E7KQ) Hisense 55E7K (55E7KQ) Hisense 50E7K (50E7KQ) Hisense 43E7K (43E7KQ) The second major difference is that the TVs from the...

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Hisense UXK series of ULED X Mini LED TVs goes official in Europe

Hisense is rounding off its 2023 TV lineup in Europe with the Hisense UXK (UXKQ) series. It comprises models with 4K Mini LED displays that employ the brand's ULED X technology. The flagship models from this range will arrive with the new Hisense Mini LED X technology and the new Dynamic X Display which is capable of five times less reflection. The new 110 ULED X was recognized as a CES Innovation Award Honoree this...

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Hisense E7K Pro 4K QLED TVs with 144Hz refresh rate debut

Hisense has presented a new series of 4K QLED TVs with a 144Hz refresh rate. This is the Hisnese E7K Pro series, also known as Hisense E7KQ Pro. So far, it comprises three models: Hisense 75E7K Pro (75E7KQ Pro) Hisense 65E7K Pro (65E7KQ Pro) Hisense 55E7K Pro (55E7KQ Pro) The 75E7KQ Pro and 65E7KQ Pro models have 4K IPS-ADS display panels with 350 nits of typical brightness and 2000:1 static contrast, while the...

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Hisense has released the specifications and features of its U8K / U8KQ series of 4K Mini LED TVs for Europe. The series comprises the following models: Hisense 85U8K / 85U8KQ / 85U8KQTUK Hisense 75U8K / 75U8KQ / 75U8KQTUK Hisense 65U8K / 65U8KQ / 65U8KQTUK Hisense 55U8K / 55U8KQ / 55U8KQTUK The Hisense U8K / U8KQ series is the top-of-the-line Mini LED solution by the brand and offers "best-in-class value". It...

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The Hisense U6K series is the entry-level ULED series for MY 2023. It comprises a total of five models and Hisense Europe commences with the launch of the 65" and 55" so far. Here's the list of all U6K class sizes: Hisense 85U6K / 85U6KQ / 85U6KQTUK Hisense 75U6K / 75U6KQ / 75U6KQTUK Hisense 65U6K / 65U6KQ / 65U6KQTUK Hisense 55U6K / 55U6KQ / 55U6KQTUK Hisense 50U6K / 50U6KQ / 55U6KQTUK The Hisense U6K series does...

15 April 2023

2023 Hisense U7K 4K ULED Mini LED TVs - specifications and features for Europe

It seems that Hisense is also ready to launch its lineup of Mini LED TVs in Europe, which in 2023 comprises the three Hisense ULED series - U8K, U7K, and U6K. Here we will discuss the specifications and features of the Hisense U7K series. Upon its announcement back in January, Hisense said the series comprises four models - an 85", 75", 56", and a 55" one. The launch in Europe begins with the two smaller ones but we...

14 April 2023

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Today Hisense also unveiled the most basic series of its 2023 4K QLED TVs - the Hisense A7K. The series also has aliases such as A7KQ, A71KQ, A72KQ, A7KQTUK, A76KQ, and others. There are four models within this series. [UPDATED] as of May 1st - Hisense has added a 75" model to the series: Hisense 75A7K Hisense 65A7K Hisense 55A7K Hisense 50A7K Hisense 43A7K The Hisense A7K models use 4K VA display panels with Direct...

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Hisense is gradually launching its 2023 TVs in Europe. One of the first series is the Hisense A6K which is now listed for Spain. It comprises six models using a mix IPS-ADS and VA panels with 4K resolutions, Direct LED backlight, 200-350 nits of brightness (depending on the model), 1200:1 contrast ratio for the IPS models and 3000:1 for the VA ones, 9-9.5 ms GTG response time, and up to 12 ms input lag. The Hisense...

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Omdia expects a strong rebound on LCD TV panels purchases with annual growth by 8%

According to the latest Omdia report on TV displays, the demand recovery for LCD TV panel orders from the top global Korean and Chinese TV producers is around the corner. This market rebounds by 19% YoY in Q2 of 2023 and is expected to reach 161.4 million units. That will increase by 8% YoY, focusing on 50-inch and larger screens. If these expectations materialize, the market will return to its peak levels in 2020...

14 February 2023


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