BOE showcases trendsetting technologies in six fields at SID Display Week 2022

13 Mai 2022, 02:05:55

BOE showcases trendsetting technologies in six fields at SID Display Week 2022At SID Display Week 2022, BOE unveiled a plethora of technologies and products under its technology brands of ADS Pro, f-OLED, and α-MLED and showcased the cutting-edge applications of metaverse, glasses-free 3D and smart cabin. These trailblazing exhibits presented an extravaganza of technology, setting the trend for the display industry which is working towards making displays "ubiquitous."

ADS Pro: delivering a seamless experience with ultra-high refresh rates

As BOE's proprietary high-end LCD technology solution, ADS Pro boasts a set of advantages such as ultra-high refresh rates, optimal effects from all viewing angels and super hard touch screen. At SID Display Week 2022, BOE exhibited a slate of products with ultra-high refresh rates, which fully reflect its leadership in display technology.

BOE's 4K TV display with an unmatched refresh rate of 576 Hz was particularly eye-catching. Armed with BOE's proprietary ultimate display and frequency doubling technologies, it features an ultra-high contrast ratio of 3,000:1, greatly improving the granularity and fluency of images. The laptop display with the world's highest refresh rate of 500+ Hz adopts BOE's cutting-edge oxide TFT technology and fast response LCD technology to achieve 1 ms response time, delivering a smear-free and ultra-smooth experience. At BOE's booth, visitors could get hands-on with ultra-high refresh rate display products such as 288 Hz 8K TVs and 500 Hz monitors, both the highest in the world. These products presented a stunning visual experience enabled by BOE's high-end LCD technology.

f-OLED: unlocking limitless possibilities of flexible displays

f-OLED is BOE's unique high-end flexible OLED technology solution. It takes on a variety of brand-new forms like full-screen display, foldable display and rollable display and integrates multiple features such as under-display fingerprint recognition, under-display camera and biometrics, opening up a whole new vista of flexible displays.

In the f-OLED exhibition zone, BOE showcased the world's largest 95-inch 8K OLED display. Backed by the cutting-edge oxide TFT technology and white OLED vapor deposition process, the display achieves pixel-level light control and ultimate HDR image quality, demonstrating the company's technology leadership in the field of large-sized OLED. BOE's 17.3-inch foldable OLED display, the world's first and largest of its kind, drew a large number of visitors at the exhibition. The display features a color gamut of 100% DCI-P3 and ultra-slim bezels and has been exclusively supplied to ASUS. The world's first ever NFC wearable comes with a 1.57-inch OLED display which supports read and simulation of IC card data. Currently, BOE has forged partnerships with a cohort of top brands of smart watch, smart band and other wearable devices. In addition, BOE took the lead in launching an array of flexible displays in diverse forms, such as the transparent flexible OLED display with curved surfaces and the touch control feature, display that folds up to 360 degrees, tri-fold display that folds up in Z shape, slidable display, wristband phone display, and in-car display. These products offer an all-new futuristic experience.

α-MLED: empowering a full range of scenarios

α-MLED represents BOE's system-level active-matrix chip-on-glass LED solution. It can deliver exquisite and ultimate image quality, giving users an immersive experience in various scenarios. At the exhibition, BOE showcased the world's first Mini LED product that has been put into mass production. The 86-inch 4K active-matrix backlit MLED display based on glass substrates boasts an industry-leading brightness of 1,500 nits and precision light control with over 2,000 zones. So far, the display has been applied to Skyworth's high-end TV lineup. The world's first 0.9 mm active-matrix MLED based on glass substrate boasts a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. Thanks to the active matrix addressing technique, it features ultra-low flicker and is therefore eye-friendly. In recent years, BOE has continued to break new ground in and expand the application of LEDs. It has established cooperation with various industry leaders in terms of TV panels, commercial displays, laptop panels, e-sports displays, VR with Mini LED backlight, etc.

Metaverse, glasses-free 3D and smart cabin: embracing an immersive and interactive future

While consistently going beyond the limits of display effects, BOE has ventured into new territory by diversifying the features and forms of displays and bringing them to a wider range of scenarios to deliver immersive and interactive experiences.

In the last couple of years, metaverse has gained a lot of traction and emerged as a highly promising application field. Meanwhile, VR and AR are widely accepted as the primary interface for the metaverse. At SID Display Week 2022, BOE set up a dedicated metaverse exhibition zone where it presented a variety of mind-blowing VR/AR display products. BOE's dynamic frame rate (DFR) VR head-mounted display (HMD), the first of its kind in the industry, can adaptively adjust the frame rate, so that the screen feels much smoother. The 1,500 PPI VR HMD is armed with a high-efficiency HD optical system with a large field of view and supports dual adjustment of pupillary distance and diopter, greatly optimizing the visual effects and delivering a brand-new immersive VR experience. As a pioneer in VR/AR display, BOE has invested RMB27 billion to build mainstream LCD and next-generation silicon-based OLED production lines. Up to now, BOE has established cooperation with 119 key customers around the world, and its products have been used in a legion of VR/AR devices launched by well-known Chinese and foreign brands, helping them explore the innovative applications of metaverse.

At SID Display Week 2022, BOE demonstrated an array of innovative applications empowered by futuristic technologies, giving the visitors a visually stunning and highly immersive experience. The world's largest 8K glasses-free 3D display adopts the cutting-edge Quantum Dot (QD) backlight technology, with an NTSC color gamut of up to 104%. Through Cylindrical Lens Arrays, it offers a superior visual experience from wide viewing angles and multiple viewpoints, and achieves a 3D pop-out effect at up to 1.6 meters, which is expected to reach 3 to 6 meters in the future. In a word, the device brings the viewers an intriguing and unique experience by virtually transporting them to the scene. At BOE's futuristic smart cabin experience area, the instrument panel not only offers glasses-free 3D effects but also features tactile feedback that enables contact-free interactivity. The in-car intelligent photosensitive multi-display can automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, delivering an even smarter driving experience. As regards the disruptive Quantum Dot (QD) display technology, BOE debuted the world's first 55-inch 8K AMQLED display, which marks a major step forward towards the mass production and application of AMQLED technology.

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BOE 86-inch chip-on-glass active matrix Mini LED receives Display Industry Award at SID Display Week 2022

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Apple will source out OLED panels from BOE and GIS for the iPhone 12 with the 5.4-inch display

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Spezifikationen und technischen Daten

Komplette Spezifikationen, Merkmale und technischen Daten verschiedener Desktop-Monitoren und Smartfernseher, gruppiert nach der Marke und dem Jahr ihrer Vorstellung.

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